Here you’ll find the Fairview Hymn of the Month.

Each month we will choose a new hymn. It will be announced in the Tuesday newsletter. You are encouraged to learn the words and the tune of the hymn by heart. This is especially helpful for children. When children learn the Hymn of the Month by heart they will be able to fully participate in worship while singing. There is great power and comfort when we join our hearts and minds to focus on the same words and tune for a sustained amount of time.

We will sing the Fairview Hymn of the Month during the last Sunday of the Month.

You can use the Hymn of the Month in a variety of ways: listen to it and sing along in the morning during your regular devotion. Listen and sing before each meal. Start an evening wind-down routine: before bed as a family or as an individual light a candle, read a psalm, and sing the Fairview Hymn of the Month.

Click below to listen to our music director Judy Shaw play our hymn of the month!