Room at the Inn

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Room at the Inn 2022-23 Update

A Room at the Inn update from our Room at the Inn Team Leader, Linda:

For the first time in recent history Room at the Inn (overnight winter shelter) will not be hosted by churches. The shelter will be at the VFW hall on Ashley St starting Sunday November 27.

This is a positive in many ways. We will not have to move all the computers, cots, bedding, food and medical supplies every few weeks.

The city is going to help with the addition of a bus route that will be able to deliver our guests Monday through Friday from Wilkes Boulevard church (where Loaves and Fishes provides meals) to RATI. This eliminates some but not all of the need for bus drivers. Gary Moreau will have more information about how to sign up/get training for the bus routes.

The negative is that typically each church provided many of the meals, snacks, shower facilities while it was housed at their specific sites. Since this will no longer be the case there will be a significant need for all those same spots to be filled by volunteers, small groups, adult Sunday school classes (there are age requirements to be on the premises), etc., to provide for meals, snacks, morning and evening volunteer spots, bus drivers, etc.

Below are the links to both meal and volunteer sign ups. Please consider how you can help! We already have experienced colder than usual temperatures this fall!

Thank you in advance!

Would your small group like to host an evening meal? Can you get together with a few of your neighbors to make and serve the meal? Click below to sign up to provide food for 40-50 guests.