Now, it looks sunny and bright with layers of green visible through the windows looking into the back yard. Earlier, without the sun fully up, it came across as dim and drab. Of course, the morning news reports and some stale, mediocre coffee could have affected that visual. It was one of those mornings when nobody in my house appeared to wake up in a good mood, unfortunately there is only one human in residency, me.

It is brighter outside but the news is still relating troubles around the globe. The death toll mounts in Nepal as the earth continues to shake and it sounds like the city of Baltimore has been shut down due to outrage and senseless destruction, a back lash long in the making. It was easy to follow a thought path that focused on how we humans create situations that eventually go horribly wrong. We build in the wrong places and we pretend that poverty is a state easily escaped without lasting consequences. Before coffee, and sun, it was easy to constrict the state of the world into a picture of gloom without much hope on the horizon. The coffee was not the daily outlook game changer; it was something bigger, something better.

Some days, most all some days, the only solution is a healthy dose of stretching and making sure that is accomplished before passing judgment on the a whole day. After so many hours in a bed a body/soul needs to stretch out, warm up, to get the energy flowing and stretching is a necessary spiritual exercise. This morning was a reminder it is best to have a stretch toward God before ingesting the news, a calendar, and a to do list. Without the stretch, the day ahead can look dim and a dose of morning news can cause a constriction that yearns to crawl back into bed.

The stretch is a reaching out beyond self; it is a prayer and plea for both the comfort and will to live the news and the challenges of daily life. Taking the time to stretch toward God is not an instant fix for a better day. All I really know is that a few stretches later, even after the bad coffee, it is sunny in the backyard and I know the mystery of faith still reigns.