Pudgy Sunday

Laissez les bons temps rouler! That’s what they are saying today 790 miles south of here in New Orleans on this “Mardi Gras” day. Unfortunately, for the revelers and parade attenders, the weather isn’t predicted to be that great and therein lays one of two commonalities we have with them today. Both “Mardi Gras” and “Shrove Tuesday” are days marking the end of a season and the anticipation of one beginning. This particular Tuesday is the final indulgence before the Lenten season begins tomorrow on Ash Wednesday. (Worship service at 7:00 pm.)

In the “Big Easy” parades, revelry, and King’s Cake rule the day. At Fairview we indulge in a Pancake Supper served by our youth. (Serving starts at 5:30pm) Pre-Lent Tuesday is commemorated globally in many Christian communities or at least those that carry on the food and party traditions but ignore the religious implications. Yummy foods, especially pastries, are consumed in preparation for the austere season of Lent with its long standing emphasis on fasting.

At its core, Lent calls us to change our behavior and create more space in our lives for God. It is meant to be a soul cleaning season of self-examination, learning and a renewed or new commitment to following the way of Christ.

The frigid weather may keep some folks home on both Pancake Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. Not very much we can do about the weather, but please make an effort to be present if you can. The Pancake Supper is a fun Fairview tradition and the Ash Wednesday worship can be a very meaningful service. These events mark our changing seasons and remind us that there is a time to both indulge our appetites and a time to remember our mortality as we remember the gospel call for a time of repentance (change), all in the grace of Jesus Christ.