Local Mission Trip

Having Room at the Inn at Fairview has been like being on a mission trip but getting to sleep in our own beds each night. It certainly feels like being on a mission trip. A wide variety of people support the mission without getting on the bus by sharing resources and prayers. People step up to leadership, oversight, and responsibility. Working side by side with other missioners forges new relationships or rekindles connections. Invariably there are unexpected happenings, moments of yucky, and a few meltdowns. Getting to know those who we are currently serving is a joy, a concern, a surprise, an irritation at times and cause for lots of reflection and prayer. The trip is hard work at times, inconvenient, and satisfying. Our Room at the Inn guests will leave for the next location but the impact of hosting them will be with us for a long time.

In summary it has been an interesting February to date. Something else happened in my life last week that will also have a lasting impact. Someone I have known for many years, the spouse of a colleague died much unexpected at age 56. I received a text message that caught me so off guard it was hard to comprehend. Most of us have this sort of news at different points in our life. When I spoke to my friend not long after, he found his wife dead the first words out of my mouth were “I’m speechless.” I was taken aback by my own words until I truly considered their raw  honesty; there are no words for the first encounter of someone’s tragedy. My second words were better, you won’t take this journey alone, and I think this is the best we can offer to close friends and our guests at Room at the Inn.