Let’s Get Centered!

Much to my surprise I realized that this coming Sunday was March 1. Whoa Nelly, that snuck up on me when I should have seen it coming. Another case of too much Martha time, distracted by many things, it’s been like the flu this year. (see Luke 10:38-42) (Whoa Nelly is not a biblical reference, 60’s TV I believe) Thankfully, it wasn’t a situation where the milk ends up next to flour and rice for a few days, or worse. Whatever happens, and the range is large, it seems to be a call to mindfulness which can be tough with so many distractions. No wonder we have a season that summons us to pay attention and Lent is that season. It comes at a good time as we are well into the seasonal slog of winter and we live rapidly changing, busy lives. This makes it so easy to get distracted, worried, or harried. Lent, on the other hand, begs us to take time, take a breath, and get centered on Jesus Christ. Lent reminds us that our horses don’t need to gallop around at full speed and it really does make a difference to sit at Jesus’ feet long enough to recover our balance and put distractions into perspective.

Problem is, sometimes our distractions are urgent or need a high priority in our schedules. Once again Lent can help by reminding us that ours is a faith of forgiveness, including forgiving ourselves and then making a few changes. Traditions sustained over many centuries are often layered with wisdom that we humans always seem to need. We have a few more weeks of winter slog but it can be a good time to prepare ourselves for new growth and possibilities. Our Lenten theme this year is “A Time for….” which is a good time to ask yourself what you need to make time for to feed your soul. May the peace of Christ come upon you this Tuesday as we enter the first full week of Lent.