Lent Begins

Lent began on Wednesday, Ash Wednesday. On Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday at Fairview, my niece sent me a text asking about the date of Easter, “why does it change every year?”  The variable date stems from a long practiced church tradition; Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox.  Back up forty days and six Sundays and we have the date for Ash Wednesday.

This year I am issuing an invitation for everyone to make an effort to increase your God awareness level. The biggest obstacle to faith is inattention. It is that simple. Find a way that works for you to pay attention and you will be more aware of God moving in your life, you will be more “spiritual.”  Spirituality is the practice of paying attention and responding. Giving up something will not automatically make you feel God’s presence unless you are alert to what is happening within and around you. We pay attention to what we love and we respond to being loved.

Here is a very easy thing to do. Give God three minutes every day, three listening minutes. Turn off distractions and stop thinking for three minutes and just be present to God.  Surely everyone has three minutes to give God some full attention.

Something different is being added to our calendar during Lent this year.  Several years ago a friend asked me to go see “Jesus Christ Superstar” at Starlight Theatre in Kansas City. Of course I said yes and quickly added a small caveat, “I know all the words, I will sing along.”  I had shocked my friends in 1973 by urging we go see the movie when it hit the theatres.  The music touched me even before I really knew anything about Jesus Christ. Given this background, we will be having a Jesus Christ Superstar sing-a-long to said movie at the church in the coming weeks.  I hope a few folk will come and sing along I have already acquired the DVD.