Life Learning

Bible Study Opportunities

  • JOY Group Bible Study (a women’s group) began A NEW study on April 24th at 7:00p. The study; Start>Becoming a Good Samaritan is open to ALL in the faith community. And, it’s not to late to start exploring issues like poverty, social injustice, pandemic diseases, the environment—and learning how you can make a personal, street-level impact. Learn how to live out your faith in ways that will change the community around you. Love your  neighbor. Change the world… It starts with you. 


  • Wednesday @ 10:00a: Bible Study and Time of Prayer.  Beginning a 9-week look at SPIRITUAL WAREFARE written by Jack Kuhatschek. What is spiritual warfare? How can I recognize it? In what ways does it affect me? The Bible has much to say about the temptations and struggles you face day by day. These studies will deepen your understanding of spiritual warfare and direct you to God-given sources of power, assurance and hope.




Tonette Rippeto and Dustin Hatcher will be leading a 5-week study/discussion on the book The Bible and the Transgender Experience. The group will explore and share topics each week with a goal of better understanding biological gender, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. The book is available on Amazon. The group will begin meeting in the church office on March 22nd at 6:30p



Sunday School Opportunities

  • The Breakfast Club (meets in the new kitchen)

United Methodist Organizations

  • UMW Suzanna Circle. Third Thursdays @ 1:30p in the Old Fellowship Hall