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Advent – Christmas – Epiphany

As we enter the special seasons of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany, (not to mention welcoming a New Year) the pastors and staff of the church send you blessings and greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. Our deepest wish is that you have a “Life Giving Christmas” in 2011.

Please use the gift of this Advent season to center your attention on the hope, peace, joy and love made possible by the steadfast love of our gracious God. These four weeks before Christmas, Advent, require no more than lighting a weekly candle and being attentive. What a blessed antidote to the excess of everything else that fills our holidays.

We celebrate the coming of Christ in days of lessened daylight with the additional stresses of celebrating the holidays. It’s a challenging season on many levels. And yet, Christmas is a season of light, a time to renew the hope of our faith, knowing that God is always doing new and unexpected things.  Let the Christmas lights you see everyday  be symbolic stars of Christ and carriers of the message that help us under- stand the depth of God’s love.

This is also a time of looking back on a year soon to end. It has been a year of many changes and challenges. As we approach 2012 we can be certain that the pace of change will continue to impact many aspects of our lives. Change is the new normal for the times in which we live. Celebrating Christmas once again is our reminder that Jesus is born into this day just as he was born in Bethlehem centuries ago. Born not to tie us to the past but move with us into the future. With that in mind I look forward to entering a new year with Fairview and spending time with you in Little Bethlehem.

May you be blessed by God and gifted with a bit of merry.



Pastor Kate McClain

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