Star Words

Part of our Advent Resources for Home are: an Advent Calendar which begins on December 1st, Nativity Sticker Sets, Advent Devotional, and Star Words.

Pick them up on Sunday or any week day during office hours – 8 AM – Noon.

How to use Star Words during Advent- You are invited to choose a word every day starting on December 1st and use that word for daily meditation and prayer. Do this individually or as a family. With your daily word you can:

A. Look up the definition of your word, even if it is a word you know well. You may even look into the etymology of the word and how its meaning has changed throughout history. If you drew a non-English word, do as much research as you can into the meaning of the word in its original culture.

B. What does this word remind you of? Does it recall any memories or experiences? How might God be speaking to you through this word?

C. See if you can find your word—or a synonym—in the Bible. What scripture passages can you find? How is the word used in these passages? Are there other scripture passages that remind you of your word?

D. Write or speak aloud a prayer using your word. (This is especially fun for children)

After you draw your daily star word, you might display it in your home. Use a paperclip to add it to ribbon, a tassel,—string this on your Christmas tree, into a wreath, or along your mantle. Or, bend open a paper clip, and use it to punch a hole in your star word to transform it into a simple Christmas tree ornament and add it to your tree. Get creative—seek beautiful ways to add your daily star words to spaces around your home so that you will continue to see them and think about them throughout the Advent season.

At the end of the Advent and Christmas Seasons, we’ll use these Star Words during our Epiphany worship service on January 8th. Bring the star word that held the most meaning for you this season.  We’ll place them all on the altar and pick up a new word for 2023.