Cool Congregations

As part of our response to God’s love for us, which calls us to love our neighbors, we can work to become a COOL CONGREGATION as we:

REDUCE our carbon footprint to continue God’s gift of creation for our children and grandchildren by using less energy inside the church, by using natural resources to provide and/or supplement our energy sources, and by reducing carbon emissions already in the air.

CREATE NEW OPPORTUNITIES for loving our neighbors, such as becoming part of a back-up energy network during grid overloads or failure, providing support for vulnerable people during power outages, and providing “solar powered benches” which can charge a phone for those using our playground (to name just a few ideas!)

The first step is done – approval of the formation of a “Cool Congregation Team.”

The next step is to form a team of persons willing to do the research, consider how we can improve our stewardship of creation and our calling to love our neighbors through our stewardship, and then make presentations to the Leadership Team and the congregation. If you are interested, contact the church office and we’ll get you more information!