Outdoor Service Day!

Sunday, June 12 at 2 PM we’ll get together in fellowship and service as we spruce up the landscaping around the church building.

The Facilities Team and Children’s Ministries Team are partnering together and inviting you to put on your work clothes, grab your gardening gloves, and come to church to help upkeep our outdoor spaces.

There are many roles you can fill, we even have specific jobs for children!

Jobs for Children (5th Grade and Younger)

Flower Planters
Add Flowers to bed near the Fellowship and Activity Center Door
Add Flowers to the bed near the Sanctuary Door
Tools needed: Trowel, Adult Helper, Maybe a cultivator?

Weeders of the Playground
Pull weeds out of the playground mulch
Tools: Hands, Lawn Bag, Adult Helper

Jobs for the Rest of Us:

Adult Helper of Children
Help kids plant flowers in the beds near the entry doors
Watch them weed the playground, hold the lawn bag for the weeds
Supervise the children playing on the playground when they lose interest in weeding

Weeders/ Trimmers
We need to cut back growth around the Sanctuary so that stained glass is not blocked
Weed beds behind the bell and along the Sunday School Hall
Trim around the AC Unit
Cut out dead growth around the spigot
Cut out dead grown of the evergreen
Tools: work gloves, lawn bags, trimmer

Mulch Movers
Put mulch in flower beds
Tools: work gloves, shovels, yard rakes, wheelbarrows

Tree Weeders/ Mulcher
Weed around trees
Mulch around trees leaving a hands-width circle around trunk with no mulch
Tools: work gloves, lawn bags, wheelbarrow

French Drain Creators
Move gravel/rocks to area that stretches from Fellowship and Activity Center to playground
Tools: Work gloves, wheelbarrow, shovel

Message Board Remover (Dale)
Deconstruct Message Board
Haul to Dump
Tools: Sawzall, blades, work gloves, wheelbarrow, truck

Old Stable Remover (Dale)
Haul Old Stable to dumb along with message board
Tools: Work Gloves, pick up truck

Bench Repairer (Peter)
Bench in outdoor worship space needs new seat
Tools: Drill, Screws, Boards from Dennis

New Message Board Creator
Build New Message Board for communicating with our neighbors who spend time on our playground
This ought to be done following the work day